Pfsense breaks after changing hostname and domain

I recently switched to a new domain and had to update the pfsense hostname and domain for my remote lab as well as changing the dynamic dns config and then finally exporting the new vpn files with openvpn client exporter. Now after performing this change remotely everything worked fine and I was able to access the firewall with the new vpn config.

I decided to do a reboot after this change but after rebooting pfsense no longer works, by that I mean I cant connect to it via VPN and since this is my remote lab at my sister’s place I also took out her internet.

There was no change other than the one listed above so I am not sure what the issue is. Local to the firewall, my sister is not getting a DHCP address and after guiding her how to setup a static address on her laptop she tried pinging pfsense and nothing. (I have 2 pfsense firewalls at my sisters and I did this to both since it was working after i tested it on one and now she cant access either).

I have absolutely no idea what has gone wrong here, any suggestions? Also before doing this on my remote systems I did try it out locally and it did not cause any issues. All the firewalls are identical.

Did you reboot your pfsense performing the change? Maybe it just coincidental, maybe the pfsense already have a hardware/software issue and was only seen after you rebooted the pfsense device.

You don’t have any other choice but go to the location and perform a troubleshooting.

Did you ask your sister to unplug the device and plug it back in? What do the status lights say?

What is behind your pfsense? What if your sister plugs in her laptop into the LAN port?

My curiosity: how are you having two firewalls on one WAN connection?

Tried reboots going straight for console now. Behind the pfsense is my backup location and second instance for stuff like nextcloud. I have 2 pfsense because I have 2 ISPs I could run 2 from one because I have 5 IPs on both the ISP connections but Internet is so cheap there might as well have 2 separate connections