pfSense Block rule not applying

Hi all

I am trying to figure this out to no Avail.

I have Two Networks in pfSense…

I want to block traffic from LAN2, communicating with LAN1…A block rule is on LAN2 to block all Protocols, Destination LAN1. But I can still ping a host from 2 to 1.

Also have a block rule on LAN1, any protocols with source LAN2 set to block

Yet it can still Ping a host residing on LAN1…

What Have I missed?

Default rule is to block isn’t it so no rules should mean blocking.

I’d try turning off all the rules on LAN2 and see what happens
Make sure your Block rule is at the top of the list.

Yep its at the top… if I remove all rules then that network wont have internet.

BUILDING network being LAN2.

Just reset the states, and it can still ping the host :frowning:

The default is to block all traffic, so logically, you ought to start with permit traffic rules.

You can start with one rule on each LAN to permit access to the WAN. Then both LANs have internet access but not access to the LAN.

Write the rule on LAN 1

Block source LAN 2.

and test.

It would mean no internet but as a quick test it would be helpful to check things.

If you turn off all rules then does that fix the problem. If it does then you know the issue is related to your rules.