Pfsense apple devices internet connections dropping

I’ve set up a Pfsense router running the latest CE on protectli. The problem I’m experiencing is that it seems like apple devices are being affected. iphones and ipads are mostly affected such that facetime connection will drop after one minute of connection, and imessages don’t work stably either. Besides that my Samsung mobile phone doesn’t get any internet access even though all of these devices have shown “online” in the DHCP status page. how could I check what’s wrong with my setup?

If you are using a default basic setup of pfsense it’s more likely a problem with your wireless settings.

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I suspected that. I’m using my old Mercury MW300R router as access point and it technically doesn’t have a built-in bridge mode so I used a workaround which I connected pfsense’s LAN port to Mercury’s LAN port and disabled the DHCP in Mercury as well as setting the LAN subnet in Mercury to the same LAN subnet as pfsense’s LAN. And the mobile devices are connected to Mercury’s wifi.