Pfsense and Rules For IoT Devices with mDNS


Just watched it. Thank you for putting these videos out there. They are very helpful.


Yup very useful, thx !

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Big thanks for the Video, it was very helpful.

I have couple of Apple HomeKit devices that I have separated from my main LAN, to make them work you have to leave IPv6 on at the Avahi service.

I tried it first like mention in the video with the IPv6 off and it was not working.

Thanks for the Video, I do have a question though. If I have my Rokus in IOT with the rules setup in the video, how do I get them to see my Emby media server files?

Allow me to elaborate a bit.

WAN interface
LAN interface (
IOT VLAN interface (

Iā€™m looking for assistance in setting up firewall rules for Emby that would allow the Rokus on my IOT VLAN to connect ONLY to my Emby media server, while still blocking all the other IOT devices.

I hope that makes sense. I thank you for your time in advance.

-Semper Fi