PFBlocker Port Blocking


I am looking to limit how much my firewall logs get hammered by PFblocker. I only have 4 Ports open on my wan. curious if I just create an alias with those four ports and put them in pfblocker in the space below if it will only trigger a block if they are scanning those specific four ports.

@LTS_Tom I know you get a million requests for videos and I am a huge advocate of your youtube videos. I see from many forum posts and questions that your work setup does require to block many inbound countries but as there seems to be a lot of questions around this would you be open to making a video on how to just block and protect an open port using pfblocker.

I know PFblocker recommends this setup and although your specific use case does not need this I know a lot of your fans would truly appreciate a video around this.

Thanks a bunch for your consideration.