pfBlocker open a specific port

Hey Guys,

I would like to open a specific port for all pfBlocker Geo-IP lists. What would be the easiest way to do that?

I hope it’s understandable. I want to keep the Geo filtering but if someone try to access a specific port it shouldn’t be blocked / filtered.

Thanks and happy Easter :hatching_chick:

Rules work from top down so you can create an allow rule about the pfblocker rule.

Thanks for the fast response and btw the awesome YouTube videos :+1:

I’ve done that on WAN and floating.

I pushed the allow port XYZ to the top of the floating rules but it went to the bottom unfortunately.

I created a second floating rule on top and it stays there for now. I’ll restart the firewall later and see if it stays there.

In pfblocker -> IP section towards the bottom “Firewall ‘Auto’ Rule Order” will need to be set so tthe pfblocker rules come after your rule.

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That did the trick!

Thanks Tom