Permission to upload some of your videos to

I don’t work for tilvids
Since your videos are under creative commons license it can be reused. I don’ t think a permission is required. is a donation-based video community working to build an ad-free, curated edutainment video experience. Its a Peertube instance.
Can you give permission to upload your videos to tilvids?

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By using a Creative Commons license, i do grant the right to reuse and edit that video within the fair use limits and for non commercial use. Just re-uploading my content to another site that then takes “donations” to keep it up and running is not a fair use case.

I talked a while back and while I like what their goal is, I am still not sure it’s a viable platform. I might reach out to him again but I just took a look at the site and there is still hardly any views on any of the content. I don’t like only using YouTube and I would love to see a solid competitor for YouTube but so far there is not another platform available yet. I know you had asked a similar question here Will you join - #4 by LTS_Tom


Hey @the_cool_guy thanks for thinking of TILvids and helping to look for other creators interested in sharing with the community!

@LTS_Tom It was cool to see someone from our community reach out to you, I’m pretty sure I remember pinging you back in the day. I definitely enjoy your content, very professional and full of good info! I completely understand about wanting to be protective of your content/brand. Even when creators release their work as CC, I still do my best to reach out and clear the usage on TILvids with them. It’s important to me that we not only share content in a legal way, but in a way that respects the wishes of the creators. As a former YouTuber myself, one of the biggest reasons I wanted to do an online video community different from YouTube was because it felt like YouTube stopped really caring about their creators, especially smaller ones.

As far as limited viewership goes, you’re right, we’re still starting out and trying to grow the community. For all creators on TILvids, I always give them the option to either run their own channel, or they can just have us create one and we’ll pull in video content as they post it elsewhere. I know how much work it takes to run even one channel, let alone multiple, so I want to reduce that burden for creators (so you can get back to, you know, creating!). If ever they decide they want to take over the channel, that’s always an option for them. Or if they change their mind and don’t want the content on TILvids anymore, that’s an option as well.

Bottom line, the goal of TILvids is to create an online video community, focused on edutainment content, that both respects user data privacy AND builds good, actual relationships with creators.

All the best, keep up the great work on your video content!

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TILVids is certainly more compelling compared to the other platforms out there. It is something I will put some more thought into.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Certainly appreciate the kind words @LTS_Tom we’re trying! :slight_smile:

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Hey Tom,
Just wanted to know if your are still interested in

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Hmmm I should revisit this. Good to see your still going. :slight_smile:

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Hey Tom,

Just a reminder, in order to overcome the Network effect smaller platforms need help like this.

And there never will be unless creators help to move off of Big Tech centralized platforms like YouTube.

I know you understand this from your comment here:

Let me be one data point: I’ve completely moved off of I don’t watch any content there as I’ve found Odysee to be a viable alternative that I actually want to support (and I do both monetarily and word of mouth). I’ve also watched them grow A LOT over the past couple years and they keep getting bigger and better to my honest surprise.

The biggest problem they still have at the moment is lack of content which is the only thing they can’t fix on their own, they need help.

If you’re looking for a serious contender as an honest competitor to YouTube, this is the one I’m literally putting my money on.