P2V - Shrink VHD

I have converted a Phyical Server 2012 R2 box to a VM. However the phyical server had a 2 TB boot drive, but was onlyt using <100 gb.

My issue is, that when I try to backup the VM using XO it never finishes. My thought is that its because MAYBE its timing out before the backup is completed.

I would like to resize the VHD to only be 100gb, but I am struggling to find a method to do this. (I have tired to shrink the partions on the phy server down to 100gb, and tried to convert that to a vhd but in XO its still showing as a 1.8 tb drive.

I have 1 more server that needs to be p2v’d that has the same issue (a large phy boot drive, but its only using a very small % of it).