OS upgrade and best option possible

Hi, So currently we have all our Workstation/Server using windows 7 OS with Microsoft Office 2016… Our setup was just 1OS 1Workstation setup no Microsoft Server or anything… We actually no knowledge about Windows Server 2012 R2.

  1. Should we just buy a 1:1 OS(windows 10) to Workstation again or implement a Windows Server? We’ll save money if we choose using the windows server? Licensing etc.
  2. How about Microsoft Office ? should we buy Office 2019 and install it to all workstation? We were warned that 2019 we’ll be the last version which really gives us the option for Office 365.
    We transfer our mail server from being on-premise to Gsuite.

Total Workstation: 120 (Need OS and Microsoft Office upgrade)
Total Laptop: 50 (already windows 10, Only need Microsoft office)

Thanks for advance… We really don’t know what solution to choose and inexperience for now.

I’m a little confused. Do you have a server or not? The server OS is for the most part independent of the server OS as long as both are currently supported.

For your workstations, you need to upgrade to Windows 10 before January of 2020 when Win 7 goes end of life.

It sounds like you bought volume or retail Office 2016. You have until 2015 until the extended end of support ends. I would keep using it until you need a feature in the next version.

You have until 2023 before Server 2012 R2 is end of life.

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Server is for other applications. Yes the upgrade is needed, we were just not sure if we just need to buy 120 licenses of windows 10 or a Windows Server 2016 and do active directory…

Active Directory has nothing to do with licenses. Upgrade your workstations to Windows 10 and you’ll be fine for years.

It sounds like you might be a little fuzzy on licenses. You’ll probably want to get with a good account rep who can sell you the Windows 10 licenses (or new machines depending on age) and help you manage all that. It’s much easier to go through that process than a Microsoft Audit…

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Thanks sir… so the best option is do buy a windows 10 for upgrade, upgrade first all workstation.
how about Imaging the OS? And I think windows 10 license are all OEM? then I can’t transfer or image?

If your machines came with Windows 10 then you can legally upgrade to Windows 10. Usually the key is stored in the BIOS so even if you do a clean install, it will find the key and activate.

If you want imaging rights, you’ll have to buy at least one volume license. As long as your organization has one volume license for Windows 10, you can image all your machines that have OEM Windows 10 licenses. This article explains it:

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My understanding of volume is having a digital license for like 120 PC… and as long as it’s installed for only 120 PC whether from a VM or upgrade… Then it’s still.

The amount of licenses you are buying is very decent.
I think you can call them and have some MS representative explain to you what are your options, and tell you what volume licencing they have.
Licensing is way more complicated than it should be.

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