Hi, I am trying to connect to an IPSec tunnel while running OpenVPN.
The IPSec tunnel runs just fine when on the local LAN and we can access the websites linked to the remote network.
I have setup OpenVPN for users to work offsite, users connect to the local network perfectly fine and can access all local sites fine.
When trying to connect to the site using the IPSec tunnel via OpenVPN we get ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

I have setup the Phase 2 as a duplicate to our LAN phase 2 using our virtual IP


OpenVPN Phase 2
Virtual IP

Everything else is a duplicate

Any guidance on this please. I have been struggling to resolve this issue.

NB: The client does not want to assist with any further changes on their side as we are able to connect via our local LAN.

Can I mask the OpenVPN IP or gateway to allow access to the IPSEC as if it was coming from the local LAN?