OpenLDAP - As Addressbook/Directory Only - Correct Solution?

We are currently using OTRS and it fine but not full solution.

We want to start using other web products and I am reviewing how they can work together.

I am reviewing using OTRS, SnipeIT, InvoiceNinja, Snom phone local address book together.

The main issue I am reviewing is entering clients information. I do not want to have to enter the same information on multiple systems if possible.

Reviewing each system there two main common stuff with these web apps they use SQL and they all seem to have support for LDAP.

LDAP seems to be mainly used for user control / login information which I am not interested in we are a small team and it not really required.

I am really only interested in a sync address book system for clients so I only have to enter in the information once.

OpenLdap seems to be a possibility.

I going to be playing around with this for a while before implementing.

  • Should I be using OpenLdap for this issue?
  • Any advice on configuration and implementation?
  • Am I taking on more than is required?
  • Is there a service that solves my issue it might be a better solution?

The other possible solution is reviewing all in one systems like SuiteCRM but I do like these more focused web applications.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post.

I try update this post with my finding if I progress on this.


It’s a lofty goal to get all the information in sync across all systems, I wish you the best of luck. Figuring out which protocol to use really comes down to what can be integrated with each of those tools.

@Paulser My solution is SuiteCRM save time and gnashing of teeth. While OTRS is good and a flexible product it is a lot to take on the others you mentioned I can’t speak to. SuiteCRM has many plugins available many FOSS for speciality apps. It is probably the best answer to your quest to simplify. I like SuiteCRM well done plus it can be accessed remotely or even placed in the “cloud”. Bottom line it’s FOSS and it just works. Don’t hit yourself in the head with a hammer because it feels good when you stop.

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I’m still interested in your experimentation and findings :smiley:

To other post readers with a the need for a private, non-enterprise, low bandwidth solution;
There seems to be an LDAP solution baked in to the NextCloud project - easier setup than OpenLDAP

I just not found the time to go into it in enough detail.

It is a little strange your commented was today since I have just been reviewing all this again today.

I been playing about setting this up but I need to understand it more. (More Reading, Videos and Playing)

Did not think of NextCloud having anything like this, Thanks sounds good for setting something up quickly :smiley:

I have not setup NextCloud in ages but I think they got Docker or a Snap so should be easy.

I have been reviewing JumpCloud which could be option but everything does seem to be about user logins information and not just directories. (Client Address book)

The web applications I have mentioned support LDAP but there documentation suggests it just for user login access and not client information. I could be really wrong here. So I got to just play around with it all.

If LDAP is only for user logins then I should be using something like a Relational Database but I would have to really understand this before even trying to implement in production and it overkill for us I think.

Another thought was most these web applications support CSV upload for client information so I might be able to take advantage of this but again maybe overkill than required.

I think LDAP will still solve my issues with Snom 710 address book for searching contacts for people who used to local directory features it was just a pain for me to manage local. :+1:

It looking like I might be just choosing a product/software which can do most of what I want and if I add additional web product solutions accept there will be some small re-inputting of client info. (I have started reviewing SuiteCRM.)

I will update this post when I have more information about what I have done. (There will be no time limit on this project so might take a while :sweat_smile:)

If you don’t fully grasp LDAP don’t use it for any kind of production. You stated some experience with Nextcloud and that will work with other applications such as SuiteCRM that could also serve your needs. I think there is an integration for NextCloud and SuiteCRM check SuiteCRM’s website.

Sorry for Long Wait.

The Voip Phone provider is bringing out LDAP service for addresses.

This be attached to Snom phones.

I will only use this for the phone and not connect other systems.

I did enjoy playing with OpenLDAP but did not want another server to manage.

If anyone else wants to update this forum post with useful info on achieving this lofty goal you are more than welcome.