Open VPN issue - pfblocker messing firewall rules order

Hello everyone,

when pfblocker updates GEO IP, is moving 1194 open rule for open VPN below. (at the end)
When the road warriors try to connect, they time expire because of the pfblocker rule for GEO IP going first. If i move the rule above, is working !!

Is there any way to overcome this issue ?

I’ve got all my pfblocker rules first, I do believe that is how it should be. I think you have another problem.

i move the wan 1194 rule above all, and VPN is working !! can’t be another problem.
In videos Mr. Tom always says that rules are in order, the first rule binds.

Right so on that interface ads won’t be blocked. It’s not the order of the rule, you have another issue, either with your pfblocker setup or openvpn config.