Notifier for Internet

So, aside from our normal firewalls. We use Sophos/USG. They have built in reporting if the internet goes down. But what if we are managing the customer’s firewall or such and just want to monitor the gateway to see if the internet goes down. Is there any cloud service that does this with a dashboard or similar?

Not completely sure I understand the question but we use Zabbix to monitor firewalls, but you could also use this GitHub - phpservermon/phpservermon: PHP Server Monitor

Not the firewalls, we’d like to monitor the internet gateway/modem.

A /29 requires a router/gateway. Such as AT&T, Spectrum, etc…Their device has an IP address usually.

If it was a cloud based service, or you were monitoring it real time, if the ISP gateway goes down at a customers location you would not receive an alert. You’d need 2 ISPs to provide real time monitoring.

Just looking to ping out to that IP address.

That still leaves you in the same boat. If it’s down for the customer, you make or may not be able to ping it from your location. It’s quite rare that ISP outages are related to those gateways, so yes monitoring from within the customer location would be helpful, to anyone on site, it wouldn’t prove much from a remote location.