NFS share or local storage for VMs for boot drive

Currently I am using proxmox and thinking to use XCP-NG and check out.

I am trying to use Truenas as storage for all my VMs and boot drive and using 10G nic. I will be using jellyfin, joplin, paperless-ng and all different kinda home lab services. I was thinking to consolidate my storage at once place, so if I spin up another server in future, I don’t have to keep buying new SSD drive for new server as it get expensive.

Should I use local disk for VMs or I can use NFS share for VM boot disk as well. I do use Truenas for my data right now which I mount using NFS.

@LTS_Tom you will be best person to ask as being expert in both.

We store our VM’s OS and application on TrueNAS via NFS and sometimes local. Then the VM will mount a data path for what ever the application needs. The goal is to keep the virtual machines smaller and disposable because the data is what’s important.

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Thanks for reply. I am sorry, seems like I am lost.

Just to be sure, so you use NFS share to create drive for xcp-ng and with in those VM, use different dataset as nfs share for data target? so both data path and drive path are through NFS share. You don’t create drive using local storage from Xcp-Ng (sometimes you do).

I have attached pic just to be sure. How is performance difference? Any plan on making any video on that?

Yes, I do create drives in that way and point the at the NFS share.
I have a video on getting started with XCP-NG here that might help you.

I did. I just want to make sure if you do nfs share for regular disk as well. I already do for data but has been creating VM disk on local disk.