NFS Performance on XCP-NG

Hey all, I am having issues setting up NFS with XCP-NG for ISO storage. I am using TrueNAS Core as my NAS solution and I have 2 XCP-NG servers. Neither of which I have been able to get working well with NFS. They seem to connect just fine, but performance is unusable. I am unable to successfully install the OS from the ISO files there (even small Debian ISOs) and larger ISOs even struggle to boot. I get better performance with SMB ISO shares, which doesn’t make much sense to me. My TrueNAS NFS config is basic with mostly defaults (have tried several configs with no improvements noticed). Sync is also disabled on the dataset. My network is only 1gig, but I am not seeing this terrible performance on other Linux/macOS boxes.

I have also seen bad performance from the command line. Copying ISOs from NFS share to local server to create VM takes a long time (10+ min) but adding the ISOs from Linux/macOS went reasonably fast.

Any tips would be much appreciated.

Are they on the same subnet and what card is in the XCP-NG system?

No, I have not setup a dedicated subnet for storage just yet so they are on separate subnets. The card in the system is a built in gigabit nic on my HP Proliant DL 380 G7 server. (Not sure of the exact nic details)

SMB performance with this same infrastructure is much more usable.

NFS should not be routed so it should be on the same subnet and broadcom cards are know for low performance with XCP-NG.

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Ok, I will get my SAN setup then. (And maybe give another nic a try) Thanks for the clarification!

How strict is the “should not be routed”? I’ve transferred ISO images from one LAN to another (production to test lab) and while slow, it is working. It’s also Windows to Truenas share if that matters.

The “should not be routed” is directly related to how much you care about possible issue or performance.