Nextcloud ssl on freenes 11.2 help

I saw your YouTube on setting up nextcloud on freenes witch was lots of help but I wanted to know if there was a video on how to setup ssl so I can use webdev on nextcloud outside my network or if there is an easy and secure way to setup access

If you have a pfsense firewall the easiest way would probably be to use HA Proxy with Let’s Encrypt certs, that way when you update the Nextcloud system it would still have an external system that handled the certificate. If not, there are some instructions (I don’t have any) on how to set Let’s Encrypt cert on Nextcloud.

If you want, you can do it inside the Nextcloud jail.
Since the jail uses nginx, you can use the script (which is lightweight and does not rely on python like certbot). On their github page there are detailed instructions. You would need to NAT/port-forward 443 on your router and use some kind of dynamic dns service for which you will issue the SSL certificate.

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Tom probably has way more experience than I on using Nextcloud. I’ve set up a few Nextcloud installations in my time and they are very tempermental and not very robust when it comes to upgrades – just be forewarned.

I’ve never used HA proxy with Nextcloud so perhaps I’ll give that a go.

All the installations of Nextcloud I’ve performed I’ve coupled them with Apache rather than Ngnix. Apache does all the certificate handling. Instructions I’ve used to complete the process can be found here:

I wouldn’t recommend using the Nextcloud plugin available on freenas – version is rather old. In terms of certificate renewal, you can use whatever method you’d like – certbot, acme, etc. Let’s encrypt provides me my certificates and my DNS provider is cloudflare.

thank you

how do I set it up

Set what up? Need more explanation.

I have a tp-link router