Next cloud behind HaProxy on PfSense

I’m trying to run Nextcloud behind HaProxy running on PfSense. I followed Tom’s video on setting up HaProxy. When I resolve the url it does bring up the https site and the cert is correct but it’s not forwarding it to the nextcloud server. If I type the IP address of the server it brings up nextcloud. I know I’m missing a step somewhere. On the backend of HaProxy it’s pointing to the correct IP address of the server but I can’t get it to resolve with the server name. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

The default install of the Nextcloud server does not use encryption so in the back end make sure you have the “Encrypt(SSL)” option unchecked.

Thanks Tom. I’ll give that a shot.

Or you can run nextcloud on self signed certificate then.,as i recall nextcloud had an issue on ssl/tls offloading with haproxy you need to have ssl on backend to make it working correctly.