New to firewalls / wireguard

Basic question that has been holding me back: with carrier grade NAT plus internal nat, how do I get a static IP address to make opensense or wireguard work?

Find an internet provider that offers one is the best solution.

I used a DDNS hostname for my OpenVPN. I imagine that would also work for Wireguard.

Thank you. I am rural and i’m using a business LTE sim card for data. $200/month. Luckily I have line if site to the tower.

Do you stil have to go in and port forward on the LTE router and pfsense router?

Hi Abel,
Do you know if the LTE router can be put into bridge mode? I believe that would be ideal.
Then, pfSense could handle everything. Also, with regards to DDNS, if you go to pfsense Services > Dynamic DNS, then click Add. You’ll see an extensive list of DDNS providers which you may investigate. I use ZoneEdit, but I have heard really good things about CloudFlare.