New stuff in the UI early access channel

UISP switch line with 1 or 2 10g uplink ports and 8-ish 1g ports. One version has poe and the other does not.

Unifi Gateway Next Gen now has SFP Lan & Wan 10G uplinks.
Unifi Flex XG - super compact L2 5 port switch, 1g poe input and 4 10g. No poe out I think.
Unifi Aggregation Pro - 28 SFP+ ports of 10g with 4 x 25g SFP uplinks ports.

Unifi 6 Mesh

That aggregation switch sounds fantastic and the price on it is not awful considering what it offers.

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Looks interesting. I guess it uses the chipset from Mediatek like all other recent models.
Is this chip reliable?

Not sure about the chipsets used, if it’s anything like the current batch in my UI AP’s then i’d expect it’s as good as can be expected for the money spent. It’s software defined networking anyhow, so the quality of the coding is going to be the ultimate determiner of if it’s reliable or not.

The new version has bluetooth radio integrated into it and same form factor as the unifi flex HD.

Unifi 6 switch - Managed Layer 3 switch with (12) 2.5G RJ45 ports with PoE+ for Wi-Fi 6 APs, (12) Gigabit RJ45 ports with PoE+, and (2) 10G SFP+ ports for fiber uplinks.

A next gen of the current pro level poe managed switches.

Unifi Enterprise XG 24 - Managed Layer 3 switch with (24) 10GbE RJ45 ports, and (2) 25GbE SFP28 ports for fiber uplinks.