New server - Management + Backup Advice - No Budget

Hi Everyone!

New user here, first time posting!

BLUF: I just setup a new game server (Windows 10, nothing fancy) directly on the internet… and I am seeking recommendations for remote management and backups for the game files.

So for all my game lovers out there, a new title has just come out, called “V Rising” and it is amazing. There is an option to host you own dedicated server for the game, and I have chosen to do so because I had some unused cloud resources paid for and idle.

I have done some initial configuration hardening (host firewall only allowing game related traffic, windows update, and my security tool (EDR)). Now I want to make sure I can monitor the host remotely anywhere from my phone, etc. and also make sure the save games are backed up. Since this is costing me nothing, I want to try to keep it that way, so open source or freeware is the best option for me. I also have a Humio community account, so I was thinking about sending Windows Event logs and sysmon there for historical logging like Greylog…

Pretty much open to any suggestions, but I feel like Lawrence on a YouTube episode had some recommendations for both of these topics, I just couldn’t dig anything up…

Anyway, thanks for your time, and I look forward to the discussion.


We use commercial paid tools for remote access but the low budget / no budget solution would be using Google Remote Desktop.