New home network help

I’m not big on forums or social media lol.

But guess that’s how times change.


Want to take 1 gig internet line.
Plug into hardware firewall.
Distribute bw by ip address.

Pfsense seems to do this, however would like to not lose any of the 1 gig speed due to firewall.

Plan on also having 4to6 poe cams hooked to DVR unit also.

Will have around 25 devices in total, around half on wifi. Some IOT devices, some consoles. Some laptops pcs tablets phones etc.

I know I could just plug in beefy wifi and call it good. But want any device that can be hardwire to be hardwired.

Any ideas be great.


And sorry if this is not good way to ask for help. Last time I asked for help was using irc on Mirc.

Given your line speed, think you’re better off with a Netgate box, have a look at their website. Not sure you will get 1Gb but you should be close to it, off course the more encryption you have then the more it will impact the speed.

So if I just want firewall threat detection. Should that effect our speed?

I assume we would need the netgate 3100 ?

My Son seems to think we should just build a server with nic cards. Seems like overkill just to have firewall bw limiting etc.

Never used pfsense, looks fairly simple.

Thanks for your reply

Security Onion might be a better option for threat detection.

If you have a box lying around you can always add an ebay 4 port NIC and just test out pfsense.