Networking Tips for Surge Protection

Hello all, I’m new to networking and trying to learn more. I was just recently hired at our local water utility to eventually become our in-house IT professional. I am seeking to take courses and learn some more. Until then, I come seeking some help!

At our work environment, we have taken some electric strikes. In doing so, our outsourced IT company has implemented an APC Data Line surge protector. We are getting ready to switch to a new rack and in doing so (I believe running all new cables). To keep the new rack cleaned up and less of a mess, how can I protect against a surge? That being said without these data line protectors. I know there are such things as patch panels with grounding wires, would these work? Also, some switches also have a grounding screw, do these help prevent a strike to the system? I know they would have to go to a grounding bus and out to the grounding rod.

Any suggestions and tips are appreciated,

Panduit has a write up on that here,0.pdf