Network Design Requirement

Hi there,

I am helping a friend out on a project he has and to get him to decide to purchase Unifi Switches, Firewall and AP.

The Customer has 9 Units + House + 3 Single Floor Residential Units in a farm.

The Units are all located on a single site and then cross the road the House + 3 Single Floor Residential Units.

In one of the 9 Units there is a 1G dedicated fibre Internet with 9 Static IP’s available. This Fibre Internet needs to used across the 9 Units + House + 3 Residential Units. The Max number of user will be around 50.

Each unit needs to have its own 24 Port switch with its on VLAN configured and Firewall. They will also have 1 or 2 VoIP Phones.

Each Unit will have CAT 7 Cabling to the CAB.

Each unit will have fibre and CAT 7 from each CAB terminated next to the ISP Router.

Each Unit will need single AP for Guest and Private SSID.

Each Unit will need to be restricted on the ISP bandwidth 100MB from each of the Firewall

One of the Unit will need a outdoor AP

The House will have Fibre terminated from the ISP Router. From the House either Fibre or CAT 7 will be run to the Residential Units to provide Wifi Only. Each house will require a single AP for Guest and Private SSID.

Can anyone recommend what UI to use and what the best way to go about this.

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Having 9 static IP addresses rules out using a USG. You could do this with a pfsense firewall and create a VLAN for each unit. Then any of the 24 port UniFi switches along with a Nano access poitn would work just fine.

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How about if I use a USG for each unite. the ISP can provide a 12 Port switch.

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You could do that, most any switch could be put in front of the USG firewalls.

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