Netgear Switches - Check TLS version before buying!

FYI - if you are considering buying a Netgear switch, you ought to check if tls versions higher than 1.0 are supported. I’ve just noticed that my GS748tv5 cannot be accessed via https using a self-signed cert in Firefox v100. Instead I have to access via http for my own safety, while it’s only my home network it seems a backward step. As for uploading your own cert to a Netgear switch, hell will freeze over first!

There is a Chrome Extension called IE Tab that will allow you to use the “unsecured” connection. I had to use it when all my Netonix Switches were suddenly unreachable.

This is going to be a recurring issue with just about all old hardware.

thanks, bro, but if a switch don’t have ssh or telnet, it’s useless in my view.