Netgate SG-1100 how do you ping between vlan?

after seeing Toms guides on pfsense and netgate devises i got a netgate sg-1100 and is now following those guides to setup vlan.

I have follow the guides, and have now setup lan, IOT_vlan and GUEST_vlan.
Then connected my unifi nanohd AP to the lan port and connected some laptops to test the WiFi vlan setup.
I get ip and have internet Access on both LAN, IOT and GUEST.

Bot i can not get the firewall rules right, i cant figurer out how to setup so i can ping between LAN or VLAN.

Any tricks or help i should know about would be greatly appreciated


You need to allow the ICMP protocol in a rule, internet traffic will be TCP/UCP if you are able to access the internet.

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Nice, thank you, that was the thing :+1:

Hi, I found out that the problem actually was the windows firewall on my computers, i found that in windows 10 i have to not only enable the windows firewall to echo ICMP ping, but also enable it to echo ICMP ping from other subnets to get this to work,
the error was i assumed that of course a windows pc could respond to ping.

Now i can ping from LAN to both GUEST and IOT, but GUEST and IOT cant ping to LAN.
I hope this can help others if someone runs into this problem.

Ah ok I see, don’t have any Windows 10 machines running on my network. Can be handy to have a Raspberry Pi connected to the network for testing, I tend to do most stuff via Linux.