Netgate 6100 heat

I’m setting up a negate 6100 and the heat sink does send of a descent amt of heat (as it should), the problem i’m encountering is a limited space I have is a wooden shelf which is holding the heat. I did some looking around for small metal shelves that would sit on top of the wooden that has a bit of rise to it to help dissipate the heat. Does anyone know of something in the same size arena to the 6100?

You might try searching for “cabinet shelf” on Amazon. I started with one of these that I modified for my gear. They make them in metal.

Although you might think about just using a small fan to blow some air across it. It will likely cool it down quite a bit. I’m using regular case fans in various spots with low noise adapters on my rack to keep things cool, this picture was during mock up:

I fortunately have a recessed area under the stairs for a wire rack for all my AV and IT gear, behind motorized curtains and projection screen. Keeps everything out of enclosed cabinets, well ventilated, and out of sight.


Can you not direct a usb powered fan at the device ?

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I was going to suggest the same, you can get a 6 pack for not much money. Also glue some feet under it to raise it up like this

All great suggestions. The space is really REALLY tiny so fans would be helpful to move the air out of the space, just have to figure out where to mount them to get the proper flow and not recycle the hot air in the space. @Greg_E its funny you mentioned that. i was thinking of getting small baking trays and cutting them down, put the 6100 on tray so the heat sync transfers the heat to the larger tray/stand. i think with the tray and the fans ill be alright. Thanks all for the great ideas.

This is what I bought to put on some little N5105 Mele Quieter 3Q computers.

They seem OK, but I don’t run these computers all the time. Two fans and some heatsinks glued to the case for an application that runs these are 75% when using them.

Good stuff, thank you…just ordered and will give them a shot