Netdata & TrueNAS

Sorry if this has been discussed before but I’ve only found mentions around the web of this apparent issue and no solutions (that I could find)

I’ve started installing netdata on various systems in my home lab and work servers and I really like it. Easy to get going and I like the AI learning feature.

For Truenas from what I have read there were some memory leak issues and to integrate it had been contained in a plug-in. I got that up and running but I can not figure out how to connect the plug-in to the cloud system. It works fine on the local device.

As much as Lawrence Systems likes Truenas and Netdata I thought this might be a good place to ask for some help.

This is running Core. Also wondering if Scale being Linux Debian? based would solve the issue. Might spin up a fresh install of scale and see.

Thanks! And love the channel/work you guys do.

From the jail are you able to ping your cloud instance?

I have not really done any testing in a long time with Netdata & TrueNAS Core. With TrueNAS Scale it installs as a application.

well, that might be it. I can ping google but I can’t ping or any part of my Netdata Cloud instance (could be doing something wrong here).

I’m not real familiar with TrueNAS jails (never used them till now) or freebsd for that matter. It really might be dns/networking/port forwarding issues.

I also tried creating a fresh jail and installing netdata using their Linux install script from my cloud “connect node” script. It successfully installed but I can’t reach the :19999 local instance with that jail running.

Pretty sure this is a jail network settings problem at least. Thanks for your help. I’ll keep tinkering.

I really am thinking I might migrate to scale as I feel like I might be at home in that environment.