Need an IoT VLAN but have 3 different technologies. can anyone help me understand to create this?

I need an IoT VLAN and watched your video but am confused how to achieve what i need. In your video you used Pfsense and and the Unifi line of products. My setup is kind of the same but different. I have Pfsense as my router/firewall and i have a Ubiquity switch but mine is the edge series (black case), and i have a UnIfi Wifi 6 AP. so to add to the confusion i have pfsense and 2 different ubiquity controllers. UNMS for my Edge switch and the Unifi controller for my AP

so i am not sure how to achieve my goal of a separate IoT wired and Wireless network. I get i can setup the VLAN on Pfsense, but it also appears that i can create a VLAN on the AP as well and my UNMS says i cant do a new network cause i dont have a a gateway configured and the UNMS does not recognize my Pfsense as a gateway. so i am very very confused. has anyone ever setup a VLAN for IoT using the multitude of different tech like i have?

You will have to create a matching VLAN ID on pfsense, the edge switch and in the UniFi software. Sounds like you watched this video

I also have this one coving VLAN’s on an edge switch,

Thank you for the reply and the added video. i am going to assume after watching it and seeing the UI looks the same, that there is not much difference in the procedure for the switch you demoed and the one i have which is the 24 port POE 500W?

is it possible to do from the UNMS controller like its done from the UI controller? simply for curiosity’s sake

I don’t use UNMS so not really sure what changes can be made there.