NAS, HDD - change of installation orientation


currently I have running 2 Seagate Exos HDDs in my NAS (Synology DS918).
There the HDDs are installed vertically.
I plan to move them to a new NAS-Server (TrueNAS). But there I have to install
them horizontically.

In the past it was not considered “wise” to change the orientation once the drives have been running for a while. (bearings)

Is this still the case or can this be ignored with the new generation of HDDs?
(I do not want to risk the lifetime of the HDDs due to that)

Thanks a lot in advance!

Welcome to the forum!

Me personally, wouldn’t worry about that at all. Not to mention drives are pretty cheap even if you need to replace them. Enterprise drives are built better anyway for the long haul no matter driver orientation swaps.