Music Catalogue Program

Hi all

For many many years, I’ve been using this program to catalogue my entire music collection. Its as simple as adding a folder, and its catalogues the subfolders with MP3’s etc.I can even hit report and it’ll show me whats in each folder along with a very nice search function (handy when Im DJ’ing and using laptop at gigs).

I’ve never found a similar program for Linux, and its the only reason I keep a Windows laptop hanging around.

The above program doesn’t do tagging but I don’t need it to, I don’t need it to play the files either, just help me locate them when I hit search and enter keywords or the name of an Artist.

It couldn’t be any more simple.

Does anyone know of a similar program in Linux? I may see if MAC can be run under WINE, but I don’t think it can.


Screen Shot

Obfuscation just in case of copywright though I own all of the content, Folders on the left when you add to collection, then Music files themselve son the right with simple search.

If I could find a similar program for Linux, then Happy Days!

OK - I may have found aolsution.

Foobar 2000 looks as close as I can get and works on both Windows & Linux - I shall report my findings :slight_smile: