Multi-Homed NFS Server/Share Issue

All. I am having fits trying to get something to work and I am not sure if it is possible or how to get it working. Before anyone tries to critic the “why” I am doing this, I want storage access running on my 40G networks, inter-app traffic running on the 10G networks, and web traffic running on the 1G network. I have valid reasons for what I am doing and the approach I am trying to take. Please keep replies to the subject at hand, “How can I share a single directory over different subnets so that the traffic runs at the speed of the subnet the share is suppose to be mounted to.” If their is a better way to accomplish my goal then I am all ears but it must address my specific known requirement.

I have three servers each with a single directory that I want to share to the other two servers. Each server is multi-homed with a single 1Gbe, 2x 10Gbe, and 2x 40G IPoIB connections. I have added routing tables and subnets for the 10G and 40G connections and let the 1G connection use the default routing table. Traffic flows correctly across each subnet properly. So I believe the networking and routing is done correctly.

When I try to mount the host directory across any subnet other than the default 1G subnet on one of the client computers I can not see the directory. Is this possible? The OS is Proxmox so it is using a modded Debian 10 kernel.

NFS Host Server File: /etc/exports

NFS Client Server File: /etc/auto.master
/- /etc/auto.server01 --timeout=0

NFS Client Server File: /etc/auto.server01
/server01/share1G -fstype=nfs4,rw,soft,intr
/server01/share10G01 -fstype=nfs4,rw,soft,intr
/server01/share10G02 -fstype=nfs4,rw,soft,intr
/server01/share40G01 -fstype=nfs4,rw,soft,intr
/server01/share40G02 -fstype=nfs4,rw,soft,intr

I should get the following:
NFS Host ---------------------------------------------------- NFS Client
/share01 ---- (1G)----------------------- mount /server01/share1G
|-- (10G)--------------------- mount /server01/share10G01
|-- (10G)--------------------- mount /server01/share10G02
|-- (40G)--------------------- mount /server01/share40G01
|-- (40G)--------------------- mount /server01/share40G02