Microsoft to require 2fa


It might be difficult to fathom how this isn’t already mandatory, but Microsoft Corp. says it will soon force all Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) that help companies manage their Office365 accounts to use multi-factor authentication. The move comes amid a noticeable uptick in phishing and malware attacks targeting CSP employees and contractors.

Wait… What ! ? ! ?

Somehow in reality however, I"m not surprised, it is Microsoft…

And to think, I always thought M$ was horrible under Bill Gates…

Better late than never.

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Famous last words… :crazy_face:

Amen. why users have not demanded 2fa is a question to ponder.

Only for the intelligent among us ponder that one. Considering the current state of affair in the US, I’ll just quote a song by Disturbed, Stupify…

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Its a great move for those who use the CSP admin/helpdesk console that’s handed out to your employees lessening the need to have every employee log in to each individual tenant. For some MSPs i can see this being a struggle buss to get on board.

+1 for the Disturbed reference alone @ctech . Spot on! :+1: