Microsoft Partner Renewal Headache

I have been trying to renew my MS Action Pack for over a month. So after 2yrs can’t renew and now no access to my benefits. Does anyone know any way to reach them besides portal and Twitter? Just terrible.

If you know a Gold Partner then usually they will have a named contact at Microsoft who might be able to escalate.

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I just got off with IRS, I have submitted 16 attachments including now a 147-C.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to contact except through the portal (you can create a support ticket - they are usually very responsive). Your post reminded me that I didn’t renew my Action Pack either, so I just renewed it now. Best of luck with the renewal.

Finally got it fixed took resorting to Twitter. I asked a rep to explain to me what was wrong and she said its usually automatic but we had to do it manually.