Managing headless router

I have pfSense running on Intel NUC box as my router.

It is not connected to a monitor and in rear situations when I need to see what’s going on on console I have remove it from its place, connect to monitor and troubleshoot.

I wish it had IPMI interface, but it does not :frowning:

I wonder if anybody has any solutions for this problem.


The only solution I can think of would be an IP-BASED KVM. While it would solve the issue, they are a bit pricey to purchase new. You probably can find some of them on eBay for some reasonable prices, but I have not really done much research into them.

Would you share a link with the one you thin will work ?

Here is an 8 port IoGear IP KVM

I have seen a few deployments using Raritan but they are even more expensive.

That’s what I was failed of - non started in my situation :frowning:


Depending on your rack setup. You might be able to get away with using something like a USB Crash cart. I use this with my system that I use for PFSense. It works okay some screen resolution things to get past when working with pfsense. My example is: I was troubleshooting my PFSense sysem when I was trying different NICs and did not want to take my monitor and keyboard. Just pop over with my surface and get started.

You could go as far as using a stick PC with this connected to it and leave it connected to the NUC so you have a “always avail” access via remote to the head end of the NUC.

Note: I did not just by this for working with pfsense, since I’m a dispatched tech for MSP this fitted my bill of a Portable crash cart to keep from lugging around a mouse/keyboard & some sort of monitor in my car.

That’s interesting but still pricey.
Wonder if you were to buy a new small box for router, like NUC, are there any better options, maybe with IPMI integrated ?

Your best bet would be to get a MB from super micro or a kit from them that has that function and case