LUKS Passphrase Prompt Post Login on Headless Server

So I have a headless Debian file server with 10 USB hdd drives attached. These have been encrypted by LUKS with 512 characters.

If I modify the crypttab file, I am prompted for the passphrase before I login, hence I can’t ssh into my server.

Is there a way that I can get prompted for the passphrase after I login over ssh, similar to a GUI experience (I don’t won’t to keep a keyfile on the server) ?

Any ideas ?

I don’t use this as it defeats the LUKS concept making it auto unlock, but there is this:

For my systems that us LUKS we just type the password in to get the system to boot.

Ok thanks I’ve seen various flavours of this … don’t like the idea of having any credentials stored outside of a password manager. Will stick with the defaults for now.