Longevity of Netgate SG-1100 MMC?

Hi Tom et al,
I’m curious about experiences regarding the longevity of the MMC boot drive on the SG-1100, particularly with running pfblockerng. Specifically, I’m concerned about burning out the MMC with regular blocklist downloads.
I suppose the way to handle this is to limit the frequency of downloads to every few days. A couple megabytes a day for 5 years would be about 1 full rewrite of the 8gb of flash - guess that’s ok.
In theory, I could mount a sacrificial USB flash drive on one of the usb ports. I haven’t been able to find a report of success doing that, though.
My application - home internet for my in-laws with pfblockerng and openvpn access (for management by me). I want this thing to ‘just work’ for several years with minimal maintenance. Does anyone have other thoughts/tips?

I don’t think it will be an issue. The technology has been around for a while and despite lots of concerns people have had about devices dying due to failure of solid state memory, they have not failed.

I came across this topic cause i was looking for similair issues. 2 days ago my sg-1100 crashed for the 3th time but this time usbrecovery was not possible cause of an faulty mmc. Warranty run out last february and Netgate won’t accept it for repair because the cost of repair is to close to buying a new one. Could you replace it yourself or 3th party repair?

I did run pfblocker btw.

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