Local storage problems with XCP-NG

Started with XCP-NG about a month ago for my house system. Set up NFS to my Unraid server for the primary SR. About a week ago I needed to do maintenance on Unraid and instead of just shutting down the 3 node cluster I thought it would be good to figure out why I didn’t have a local SR, create that, and migrate the VDI’s to those local SRs. I think I probably didn’t create the local SRs properly. Earlier this week I was having some CPU spikes and decided to restart everything, after all.

Since then, the local SRs are not available. I can’t figure out how to get them available and the hosts won’t start without them being available. Since Tom has been positively talking about XCP I thought I would ask here before I blow it all away and start over. I have one VM that I don’t have a good backup for (I know, I know) and I would lose a month’s worth of content if I can’t at least extract the VDI. That’s definitely an option, if I can figure out how to view the local SR on that node.

The local SR is usually just a mount so you will have to figure out where you mounted it when you set it up and then re-attach that mount. The XCP-NG forums might be more help Home | XCP-ng and XO forum