Linux Operating system

Guys I would like to say hello first of all,
At the moment I would be new too computer science I would have general knowledge in ways of user experience at the moment I have a general laptop Thinkpad yoga which has windows which perhaps for me would be like a operating system great for application but to complex as an operating system to be able to keep track of all functions and the file system is so heuristic and compromisable to attacks in many forms.To give an indication the structure of the file system is to way and to much to manage even in registry terms and i would find it much too hard alone to keep an eye on the implementation of security focused based operating system and point ends of user control and for me to manage or maintain and ideal implementation of security is way too expensive at the moment for me to buy a perceptual license alone for even an HIP based security or IPS and other open source software is good but management of it can be complex enough but the point of the post is to ask i have Ubuntu Kali tails OS Qubes and the likes of but rather a piece of advice it would be for home use and educational purposes only and the generalization of security where i can keep track of record what is going in and out of my file management and have a great sense of knowing without having to check a whole file structure like windows or to use a data forensics for any breach or compromise due to attack or intrusion i would like to be able to move to Kali for my everyday OS or work towards that i like to open source and like to see the programming of what is going into the computer rather than rely on a independent structure of code completed in a executable or forced program which has a privacy policy that would share diagnostics of application use and be suspectable to data overflows on non private
Servers and the likes of even now Ubuntu has now started being diagnostic about its operating system and probing so if i was to ask about Kali the reason i ask it is not the similarity with software that comes with practice, but they do have a policy for data breach of diagnostics on your machine or operating system which they promise to never do or make you compressible to any form of business practice without permission or beta testing and i like the thoughts of open source development where i can inspect the code before i implement it on the machine. But i would find it best for an all around operating system with a core file structure and best guaranteed for personnel security that i can track. Without delving into money to make sure. I do make apologies for the long post and somewhat confusing explanation…