KVM and XEN diffrences and opinions


So i watched @lawrencesystems video of Xen and KVM difference inspired by a write up from @olivierlambert. Great video by the way. On a personnel not i still feel its silly that some people are go beyond fanboy-ism for lack of a better phrase that one is better than the other. I think Jay for Learn Linux put it best when he said that if one was better than the other we would all use that. But in the real world its as most things are depends on your use case and preferences. Me i wanted to learn something different and use a different interface. XCP-ng just began to fit my use case more and more specifically the many to one relationship of XenOrchestra.

Long story short Yes i love XCP-ng but im not going to force using it down someones throught if it doesn’t fit there use case or if they don’t want to use it. Thats whats great about opensource if you want KVM go for it i wont stop you if you want to use Xen go ahead. But please lets just be kind and support one another we all a community driving the software and whole industry forward.