Keeebase Usage (hosted private or no)


@LTS_Tom when using keebase (new to PGP) do you recommend letting Keebase house your private key? Or no I am leaning towards no but was looking for ideas from your experience as I am thinking of using. Thanks as always for all your do!!

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I assume you are referring to and while it is convenient to keep you PGP with them, there is some chance their system could be hacked and then your key could escape. While I think the risk is low as they seem to have a solid system, the risk is there.


We are on same page my friend. Watching your new video now. I thank you for Darknet Diaries plug I learned about the founders and why as well. I have so many personal machines just trying to figure the best way to manage my encryption keys. I likely need to shorten my computer footprint.

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