Issues logging into Nextcloud and accessing outside of network

Hey guys!
I recently followed Tom’s guide on How To Setup ACME, Let’s Encrypt, and HAProxy HTTPS offloading on pfsense. To test things out, I used my FreeNAS server and Nextcloud plugin running inside of FreeNAS (I don’t plan on keeping FreeNAS public, it was just for testing. Also, Nextcloud has its own IP assigned by pfSense.)

Within my own network, I’m able to load the Nextcloud login page by going to my domain but stays trying to log in until I refresh the page. Nextcloud app does the same, but there’s no way to refresh the page… I think this may be HAProxy related since everything works fine if I go to the local IP. FreeNAS page works flawlessly, no issues there…

Another issue I have is when I leave my network (take my phone off of our WiFi and disconnect from VPN) I’m not able to load any of the pages I configured and “get connection reset.” It should have worked without having to port forward anything, right?

Thank you for your help!