Issue with pfsense

Hello everyone,

Please I have a really annoying problem with pfsense, I’m having alot of packet loss and the latency spikes up them the pfsense goes offline and never back online until I reboot it, basically when pfsense senses that the latency went up it thinks that there is no internet so it goes offline, please I need help in solving the issue, I love pfsense, I just want my issue to be solved, I called my ISP, they came replaced the ONT (Modem), and nothing changed, I have a fiber optic (FTTH) internet connection, I tried various pfsense hardware appliances and still have the same issue, and that is with both 2.4.4 and the newer 2.4.5 versions,

Thank you very much

If latency is an issue, perhaps the vid in the topic below will help to reduce it …