Is it safe for the host machine?

Hey, I have a synology NAS with 2 ethernet ports and use it as a virtual machine host. I’d like to test pfsense on it. If I connect 1 ethernet port to the ISP’s modem and set PPoE through a VM pfsense using this port, would it be a risk for the host machine, since the ethernet port would be connected to the internet?

It should be as long as you ONLY have that NIC setup for pfsense and not other services.

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What Tom said. Just as an alternative though, if you have a managed switch, you can put the WAN on its own dedicated VLAN and patch that VLAN through to your VM.

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@paolo yes that would be the best solution, but currently I don’t use a managed switch. I can block all traffic via firewall, though. Hopefully PPoE will not be blocked this way.