Is it possible to set up 2 WAN and 2 LAN ports aggregation on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4

I was able to get Xfinity gigabit at my house when I did I made sure I picked up the ARRIS SURFboard Docsis 3.1 SB8200 which has 2 active gig ports. Currently I have the set up the as I did when I had the 600 down package: eth0=WAN eth1/eth2=LAN eth3=EMPTY. After the upgrade I max out at 820 down when I run through the router. Direct connect to my computer I get 980 down no problem. Eth1 goes to a 10 gig smart switch which has aggregation possible and eth2 goes to a POE switch for my camera system. I would like to aggregate eth0 and eth3 as WAN and aggregate eth1 and eth2 as LAN and run everything through my 10 gig switch. If that isn’t possible can I load balance in the same manor. I stream online a lot and I have a lot of people who enjoy my PLEX. And since the ports are available I would love to get the most out of this as possible.