IPv6 Help on Netgate SG-5100

Been having issues with my internet dying at night, contacted my ISP(Im in Japan) they sent out a tech and he couldnt fix the issue. He told me I need to enable IPv6 on my Netgate Sg-5100 and that he couldnt do it because he has never seen anything like it before. My google-fu is weak I cannot find anything about it can someone point me to a guide or something

They have it in the pfsense documentation Interface Types and Configuration — IPv6 Configuration Types | pfSense Documentation I have no videos on it because I don’t use it.

There are several different ways of doing IPV6, as shown in the docs. Find out if they’re using DHCPV6. If so, they should give you a DHCPV6 delegation of something between a /56 and a /64. For example, I get a /60 from Comcast. That allows machines (and networks) behind your firewall to get routable ipv6 addresses. Then you get to choose which of your LAN networks get which IPV6 addresses, using the ‘track interface’ setting under the LAN network config page. It’s somewhat tricky.
Also, if your IPV6 router address changes (happens to me infrequently), then I find that I need to reboot my internal servers because the IPV6 addresses on the those don’t auto-update.