IPsec site to site with overlap NAT?

Hello all,

I have been a learning PfSense from Lawrence Youtube channel and love it.

I have been able to get both IPsec and OpenVPN to work but not in the way I would like to.

My kid wants a gaming server I want to bind that to the remote site, and port forward or what ever is needed for it. I have attempted to do it IPsec with GRE but that did not go well also.

Site A is an AWS Pfsense box with static IP.
Site B is a VM on my server bonded to a single port for my local Pfsense box.

I have tried this a few different ways and it seems to not work the way I have done it with Sonicwalls or ASAs.

Any idea what items I might be missing here?

Don’t overlap the IP ranges. Everything on the will not try to route over the gateway.

o heck I figured it out.

Tunnels up, traffic is now able to be set to default route over the IPSEC. This is great, now I need to figure out why the AWS side is not allowing traffic out.