Internet Bandwidth on my device

Hi guys,

I have an issue of internet bandwidth on some of the device in my parents house.

In the house there are several device connect to the ISP router. The speed is about 400/400 Mbps.

The router has both 2.4G and 5G WiFi turn on. The thing is my parents iPad and my wife iPhone,

when I test the internet speed, it never goes above 100/100 Mbps but when I test with another device

the speed is running fine.

The phone that I’ve test with are onePlus 5 / Moto Nexus 6 / Huawei P30 Lite

Also I test the speed on my laptop, Dell Latitude E7390 and Asus ROG.

All of these device get the full speed of the internet except IOS device.

So I took the IOS device to test from another house (different ISP with 200/200 Mbps)

The device is running fine and get almost full speed.

I’m not quite sure what happen to the router of my parents house that effect only IOS device.

I’ve never change any configuration of the router except the router / WiFi password.

What I’ve done so far.

  • Disconnect all the device from the network except the iPad and iPhone 7 and try to run the speed test again, same thing, the speed never goes above 100/100. Even worst It gets like 50/10 most of the time.

  • Let the IOS device forget the SSID of both 2.4G and 5G and reconnect again. Same thing.

  • Reboot the router and test again. Same thing. (I test on both 2.4G and 5G)

  • Disable 2.4G, only 5G running and test again. Same thing.

By the way, the IOS device is not running the latest version.

Thanks guys

I’ve heard of ios devices not getting along with APs before. I’d look up the specific device and see if others are having the same issue. Also, make sure it’s on the latest firmware. There is a possibility that you’ll either have to live with it, or get a different device.

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I have a few strange issues in my iOS devices also. I have 7 iPhones various versions from 5c to 8. I can have them all sitting in the kitchen table 10 feet from my unifi ap. In this condition I will have 1 of the 7 connect in 5g. It rotates acros various devices on any given day. I am tempted to create a 5g only network but the bandwidth is not of concern for me most of the time.

I suspect you may have a similar issue the iOS could just be connecting on 2.4 and thus limiting the throughput. I had some of these issues on my old router and did have a 5g only network. But when I recently switched to unifi I combined by ssid.

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So after testing on several APs laying around my house, looks like my IOS devices aren’t getting along with some of them. I test it with Netgear R7000 and D-Link AC1750 and the bandwidth was capped around 50/50 Mbps at max. I read some post on Netgear forum and they said it has some issue with the firmware of the router itself. Also I asked some of my colleague and they said the unify AP also has an issue with the IOS device as well (forgot to ask which model was it)

Anyway, I test it with Synology RT2600AC and the speed was perfect, 200/200 Mbps. Looks like I have to spend another fortune buy a new AP to install on my parents house.

By the way, how do I know which AP is ok with IOS device. The price tag on RT2600AC is too much and it is way more overkill for my parents.

The only way to know is to search ahead of time. There is a good possibility that it can change either way with each FW update. So don’t get Apple devices…? lol

lol. If I ask them to change the device, they’re gonna freak out.

I’ll try to find a cheap AP.

Thanks for the advice.