Internal port forward stuck loading

In PfSense I have the http/s ports forwarded to my web server when I get traffic on the wan port as forwarded from the ISP router. This works perfectly. (thanks for the billion videos on PfSense Tom, they really helped).

Unfortunately, if I go to the public IP from inside the network, I don’t get forwarded to the PfSense and then the server, I get the ISP router’s admin page.

My understanding was that I should be able to just create a NAT with interface: and destination: , and it should be good. When I implement that rule and try to go to the page however (or use curl), it gets stuck loading. This happens for 80 and 443. I must be missing something obvious, so some help would be greatly appreciated.

If the ISP routers in bridge mode it should not do that and you should look into how to turn that off.

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Its not in bridged mode right now iirc. It is just a ranged port forward. I don’t know if they will let me put it in bridged either unfortunately. They are rather stingy (local ISP), and I was surprised that I was able to get a public IP in the first place.

I am getting fiber out to my location come spring (after literally years of begging. they have a main line down our road. All it took escalating it to the engineering team xkcd:806) and I will talk with the engineers then about options on having control over the hardware.

Until then, I was hoping to accomplish this in just PfSense.