Interesting Predicament

We have a newer customer that has a brand new building, we are building out their copper and fiber infrastructure. Originally they wanted 1Gig Fiber in the building and each tenant could buy into it or just buy their own connection separately. The issue has now come up, they have decided to go with 10Gig fiber. And they want to sub-lease the fiber to the tenants of the building and they want us to provide the firewall/router.

We have done this for much smaller businesses; such as a small doctor’s office and its split out between 2 or 3 different doctors and usually not even gigabit internet.

Right now, if we went full in, it would be for the Sophos XG 650. Then we could manage everything. But…price-wise the customer would probably definitely hard pass on that…looking about $20,000 for just the appliance.

On the other hand, we do a lot with Ubiquiti’s Edge Series and UNMS…I was thinking we could put in an Edgerouter Infinity and create the separate connections that way. Then, put in a edgeswitch to handle individual clients on each floor.

Any opinions? Looking for someone who has something similar.