Intel Pro 1000 VT quad port offload problem?

So I put an old Intel Pro 1000 VT quad port card into my work pfSense firewall and turned on all the offloading options and immediately noticed that I was getting checksum errors. Is this card just too old for this function?

Of note, I only have 2 of the 4 ports active right now, and three of them assigned. I’m wondering if this might be a case where I need to disable the unused ports or connect a looping plug.

I put this card into my firewall because the built in NIC didn’t support some of the offloading options, but at least it was cheap. I’ll probably end up going to an i350 card eventually, but thought it was worth asking before I get something newer.

I also noticed that I can’t disable the built in ports on the main board BIOS, it’s a SuperMicro A1sri which is an Atom 2758 based board. Not sure if this is causing any issues either, I’ll have to pull the book and check for jumpers, I was rushing when I put the card in and forget to check. Another one of those things where I have 2 hours to accomplish 4 hours worth of work before I need to go back to working from home.